Who We Are

After many years working in a male-dominated industry (Information Technology), I found I was always being asked for advice about buying gifts for females. As the only female on the floor and in the department, my colleagues would come to me asking what they should get their wife, girlfriend, daughter etc for her birthday, Christmas, mother's day etc.  And most of the time they had left their shopping to the last minute!

I came to realise that it's not that they didn't care, but that finding gifts for was an acutely painful task for them. They genuinely seemed to have no idea what the girls and women in their lives would like . . .  and so would avoid shopping till the last minute and in desperation, grab something at whatever price just to get it done. Not the best plan, but I saw it all the time.

If they came to me beforehand (that's how I became known as The Gift Guru), I would ask a few questions about the person they were buying for and their approximate budget, and then, after a little research, I would come up with two or three ideas for them. These ideas were not your normal gifts of flowers and chocolates, but instead were current items I knew were out there on the market and currently wanted by many women. If the men were particularly nice to me, I'd also tell them exactly where to get the gift!

And so this site was born. It's an advice site for men . . . on what gifts to give the females in their lives . . . from young to old. No more need to stress, just pick the age and relationship group and find a list of current gift ideas. Some you can order online, some are available at a normal shop, but all are available in Australia (or can be shipped to Australia).

If you have a special type of female you need to buy for and she is not listed on our site, please contact us here and we can add a post. If you would like a more personalised gift, please see our Personal Shopper service.


Meet Our Team

JamieThe Gift Guru
Offering advice on what women want! I know what's current, where to find it, and why you should or shouldn't give it as a present.
NancyPersonal shopper
I've been helping men find the right gift for the women and girls in their lives for over 10 years. Personal shopper guru!

Our Happy Clients

Thanks for helping me find the right gift for my wife. After a number of unsuccessful attempts your advice then helped score me a wonderful smile when she opened up her birthday gift. She was so happy that I had had found something perfect for her.
Jon Harris
Finding a gift for a female work mate was causing me so much grief. But then you came to my rescue and within minutes I had a gift that was appropriate and worked perfect for the occasion.
James Milstone