Congratulations, you've passed the first decade milestone!  If you're at the 10 year anniversary you may want to think about planning a small trip together. It can be just a weekend or a couple weeks in an exotic location. You might now want to check on our Anniversary table to see what the traditional gifts are for each year.

Advice – Wife of 10+ years gift

  • Do not give her any sort of appliance. Even if she has been saying she needs a new iron, or coffee maker etc. Just go out and get her one on a normal day (you'll even score points for this). But, under no circumstance, should it be given on a special occasion!
  • By now you should know what she likes. If possible keep a list during the year (tuck it away on your phone). When she mentions something she likes or would like to do, write it down!
  • Try to find out her favourite clothing store. When in doubt, give her a gift certificate to that store. It shows you know what she likes, but lets her pick out what she thinks is best.

Ideas – Wife of 10+ years gift

  • Perfume – see our page on advice on which one to purchase
  • Gift card – preferably to her favourite store. If it's a department store, chose a higher end one.
  • Plan a surprise getaway trip somewhere:
    • A hotel getaway in your own city
    • A hotel getaway in a place that you can drive to in a day
    • A hotel getaway in a place that is a short plane ride (no one wants to do a grueling long haul flight)
    • Check the well known voucher/coupon sites for deals – Groupon, Cudo, Scoopon etc
    • Check the last minute deals on sites like that compare all the top travel sites in one simple search

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