A teenage girl can either be very easy or very hard to buy for. She will either tell you exactly what she wants or she won't tell you anything. She may also tell you what she wants and you then think “no way is she getting that!”  Here are a couple ideas to bridge that gap and get her smiling.


  • Anything fashion, beauty or music is a fantastic idea, but you'll need to know her style and preferences. When in doubt, stick with the gift vouchers to her favourite places.
  • You could also agree to take her shopping for whatever it is she wants. Be a good shopper buddy and she'll remember the fun you two had together. No sighing, looking bored or fidgeting.  You can put a time limit on the outing (say max 3 hours) but be as attentive as you can during that time. You'll score lots of points and she might even share some secrets with you.
  • Check with her mother, sister or other female relatives to see if they have any inside information about what she wants.
  • In a pinch, cash is also a good gift for the teenage girl (all occasions but Christmas), but try not to make it a regular go to gift.


  • Music gift card – what teenager doesn't like music?
  • New head phones – they all wear headphones so find one in a funky color she may like.
  • Accessories for her phone or devices. Maybe a portable power bank or an add on lens for better selfies. See The Cable Chicks for all accessories!
  • Westfield gift card – teenage girls love to shop . . . enough said.
  • Gift card to her favourite store
  • Adult coloring book
  • If she is a reader, check out bestseller children and young adult fiction books
  • Funky, fun lighting for her room.  Think fairy lights, or paper lanterns etc
  • Handbag or small purse. See our Handbags Explained for more detailed information.
  • If you are the handy type, consider building her a special compartment drawer or similar for her makeup or accessories. Search the web for some great ideas.

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