Still considered the newlywed phase of marriage, it's a time when you have settled into this new way of life. She still likes some romance, but practical gifts are now what's appealing. However, any gift which is somehow tied to cleaning or drab chores is a no no.  In fact . . . it doesn't matter what phase you are in . . . never, ever buy her an iron, vacuum cleaner, mop etc as a gift . . . ever! Enough said.


  • At this point, you'll want to find out what she needs but isn't buying for herself. Perhaps the newly combined finances are stopping her or she might be waiting for a special time. Surprise her by pre-empting the strike and get in there first!
  • She might be having some babies during this period so be sure to check out our What is Push Present article.


  • Linen – let her pick or get a gift card
  • Luxury towels – big and fluffy! Just make sure they go with the colour scheme
  • Robe – will depend on climate and her style
  • PJs – try the stores that just specialise in PJs
  • Vase – for the flowers you give her once a month
  • New car – it's really for the both of you but you can swing this in your favour
  • Education – pass to any sort of night class or weekend workshop she wants to attend
  • Manicure/Pedicure package from the local spa
  • Membership to fitness place – yoga, pilates, boot camp etc
  • If she is foodie, see our Gifts for a Female Foodie article