This is both the easiest and the hardest at the same time. Grandmothers tend to love whatever you give them. Problem is that they also have everything. Below are some tried and true grandmother gifts to make you look like the amazing grandchild you are!


  • It should not be too extravagant, but at the same time, it should be thoughtful.
  • Avoid anything for the kitchen or home. She most likely has more home wares then she needs.
  • Exception to this is anything that needs replacing. Maybe a new electric blanket, new kettle, new cutting board etc


  • pillow with a picture of the family on it
  • picture frame kits – can create clusters of pictures on the wall
  • digital picture frame
  • gift cards for gardening or handyman services
  • dinner at a nice restaurant
  • spend the day with her doing whatever she wants to do
  • do the things that need to done around the house
  • decorations for the patio or deck
  • flowers


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