Relative Gifts

Gift cards


Gift cards can be a good gift for that "hard to buy for person" we all know.  It is also an excellent gift for teenagers as they learn a little budgeting on the side! A [...]

Gift cards2020-06-14T21:40:24+10:00

The Gift of Chocolate


The gift of chocolate will go down well with almost every woman. It's kind of a universal thing. Not only is eating chocolate a sensually pleasurable experience, it might even help women stabilise their body hormones! [...]

The Gift of Chocolate2017-09-30T18:49:01+10:00

Gift for New Mum


If you know a new mum and do not want to brave going into any sort of baby store, you're in luck. There are plenty of things you can give a new mum that she will love [...]

Gift for New Mum2017-09-30T18:49:01+10:00

Gift for Daughter


Even though it might seem like a quick fix to give her money, this is a time when it's better not to. She needs to know that you actually know something about her and have been paying [...]

Gift for Daughter2017-11-29T18:06:39+10:00

Gift for Niece


A niece gift is a lot like a sister gift so please see some ideas on the Sister page. If she is a child, please see the section on gifts for children. Advice It will [...]

Gift for Niece2017-09-30T18:49:02+10:00

Gift for Cousin


A cousin is more like a friend who happens to share some of your family connections. So have a look under Gift for Good Friend article to get some ideas. Alternatively, the following are some safe bets [...]

Gift for Cousin2015-12-19T13:28:21+10:00

Gift for Aunt


An aunt gift will be similar to a mother gift, except a little less personal. Advice - Aunt gifts: Does she have a hobby or interest? If so, there may be something in that area [...]

Gift for Aunt2017-09-30T18:49:02+10:00

Gift for Sister


Did you have a good relationship with your sister growing up or did you almost kill each other on a number of occasions? Either way, there are times when you have to give her a [...]

Gift for Sister2017-09-30T18:49:02+10:00
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