Did you know it is customary for the groom to give a small gift to his bride on their wedding day?  No? Well you're not alone. We found that 50% of grooms did not know about this practice!

But luckily, it's fairly easy.  It's usually a small token that conveys that you are looking forward to marrying your bride on that day. The gift is usually sent over to where the bride is getting ready and you don't give it directly to her. Send it through a relative or friend.

  • Do a little survey of your friends and family to see what they gave their brides on the wedding day. You might get some good ideas.
  • It should be a small token so scale back any grandiose plans
  • It shouldn't be anything she would be expected to wear on the day. It can be something to wear, just not part of the bridal outfit. She has put a lot of time and effort into her bridal outfit so please don't try to add to it!
Ideas – gifts for your bride
  • Have her favourite flowers delivered to where she is getting ready.  However, if you are leaving on a honeymoon the next day, this is not the best option as she won't have time to enjoy them . . . but this idea can always be used in a pinch.  A simple romantic gesture is to send just one single rose.
  • A small photo album (think pocket size) of pictures of the two of you together.
  • Text her a video of yourself sending her a romantic message . . . keep it clean and keep it romantic.
  • A small bracelet. It must be delicate and small, so that if she chooses to wear it on the wedding day it won't clash with her bridal outfit

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