Buying a gift for a greenie? They can be a bit tough as you'll need to know where your item is sourced from and if it crosses any “ethical” or “eco” lines that she is concerned about.

Luckily there are way more options out there now than there was 10 years ago and some shops cater directly to this caring crowd.


  • Know where your gift came from. Avoid anything made in China, sourced from animals, or anything that burns a fossil fuel.
  • Try to find something that is also giving back to the community or the planet at the same time.  Example – a bag that was made by women in a village in Nepal where half the sale price goes back to the community. Or perhaps some sort of “grow at home” type of gift that is free of pesticides and chemicals.


  • Oxfam Shop – a passionate supporter of fair trade and deals on a fair trade basis with 60 fair trade organisations around the world, who support thousands of producers including Indigenous Australians
  • Biome store – specialises in Australian made and handmade gifts that use our planet's limited resources with respect. Check out the cool DIY bee house!
  • The Body Shop – choose carefully! They usually have some gift packs which support local causes, but you have to look around the site for them.
  • Karma Currency – Donate to a cause she cares about in her name. Most charities have facilities and programs so you can gift a donation or buy supplies (blankets, food, shelter etc). This site puts them all together in one location so you can the right one for her!

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