Now, normally, friends with benefits wouldn't exchange gifts as you might end up crossing into relationship territory. But, on some occasions it may be necessary. Here's some ideas to keep it from getting weird, but still keep the fire burning.  Note – friends with benefits are not the same as a mistress. That's a whole other topic for another day.


  • Don't give flowers – too much change for misunderstandings
  • Try to steer clear of jewellery or very personal items
  • Try to find out a little bit about her that will help. Her type of perfume, her size, her favourite color etc.


  • Lingerie – but nothing too full on. She is not your personal sex worker. Give the wrong lingerie and your “benefits” might be revoked. Find something on the slightly more conservative side and maybe a bit cute.   Important – you'll need to know her size.
  • Perfume
  • Pamper package
  • Scented candles

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