Depending on how your relationship is going, now is the time to consider more serious gifts that show her what she means to you. By now you are probably living together which opens up opportunity to give her items that you can both share. This does not mean a power tool!


  • Small appliances can be given in this phase, but nothing do with cleaning.
  • Try to keep the romance going by doing thoughtful things for her. You won't be judged so heavily on the gifts if you do this consistently.


  • Diamond ring. Yup, THAT diamond ring. See Diamonds Explained and Where to Buy Diamonds for more info.
  • Expresso machine or similar
  • Handbag – higher end if possible
  • new iPad or tablet
  • Stylish coat
  • Boots that she has picked out
  • Brand name watch
  • Tickets to an event or show
  • Activity gift

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