The gift of chocolate will go down well with almost every woman. It's kind of a universal thing. Not only is eating chocolate a sensually pleasurable experience, it might even help women stabilise their body hormones!  Apparently chocolate affects the brains of women in a different way from men. MRI scans found that chocolate affected the activity of the amygdala more in the brains of women, and the amygdala is a part of the brain that can affect emotions and sexual desire . . .


  • If possible, find out her favourite kind (dark, milk, ganache etc)
  • If you don't know her favourite at least make sure it comes in a pretty box or container
  • Buying chocolate online may be hit and miss as it may melt in transit.  If it's online, try to make sure it ships from within your city or town
  • Try to get a high quality chocolate where possible. This means more cocoa content and less junk fillers.  Go to the speciality chocolate stores if unsure.
  • If you go to a chocolate store and feel overwhelmed by the choices, ask the salesperson what the best sellers are . . . it's a sure fire way to get it RIGHT!
  • Less is more.  In the case of chocolate, small packages with quality chocolate are the best.


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