Gift giving does not always have to cost money. A gesture or activity can bring a big smile to her face. Below are some ideas that she will like and won't cost you a cent.


  • Back/foot rub
  • Cook dinner . . . and do all the clean up
  • Do the “something” you've been promising forever . . . only don't tell her till you've done it
  • Take her on a picnic . . . and make sure it's you who does all the prep and planning work
  • Write her a heartfelt letter. If you don't know what to say, Google “love letters” or “heartfelt letter” or have a look at this site which has examples

Daughter (younger)

  • Make her the coolest paper airplane you can and then go fly it with her
  • Take her to the park and actually play with her (no sitting on the bench and watching)
  • Do whatever she wants to do – tea party, full makeover for dad, watching her favourite video with her
  • Raid the linen closet and make a fort together. . . then sit inside with her with a torch

Daughter (older)

  • Offer her three free “drop off” or “pickup” vouchers
  • Watch her favourite show with her. Ask her questions about it afterwards . . . and then actually listen.
  • Make her favourite dinner


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