If you know a new mum and do not want to brave going into any sort of baby store, you're in luck. There are plenty of things you can give a new mum that she will love you for. And half of them are completely free!


  • If you're a cook, bring over a baked casserole or some sort of dish she can reheat so she doesn't have to cook during those first few months when sleep is precious.
  • If you're a handyman, go over and fix whatever needs fixing. She may protest, but tell her it's your baby shower gift to her.  Just make sure you don't run any power tools while baby is sleeping!
  • Take care of the baby for couple hours (at her house) so she can get a few things done (or have a nap). You may not even need to do anything as babies sleep a lot.  This gift of babysitting works best if she is bottle feeding instead of breast feeding.
  • Become the errand boy for a day! There may be a number of things that she needs to do, but they're hard to do with a baby in tow. You could either do them for her or offer to be the chauffeur. This way she can dart in and out of places and leave the baby in the car with you.


  • A gift cert for an in-house massage or some form of beauty treatment. They come to the house so she can stay with the baby and still get some pampering time.
  • A gift cert for a month of maid service. Be careful with this one. Some people are quite private and won't like the idea of people they don't know coming into their home. Others will swing open the door and hug them! You'll need to judge her personality.
  • Bring some delicious take away (her favourite if you know it) that she can enjoy without having to leave the house
  • Flowers – think bright and cheerful and nothing that will drop heaps of petals and make a mess

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