Did you know that flowers have special meanings? It's important to know the general meaning behind each so that your gift does not convey something you didn't mean to say.  An example would be giving red roses to an office mate for a birthday. She may give you a very curious look as you've just said “I love you” with flowers!

Luckily the meanings are not strictly adhered to any more.  More like a general nod to their meaning.


  1. Find out her favourite flower. Then write it down!
  2. When in doubt, get a mixed bunch of flowers. That way there is no direct message.
  3. If you can't get to a flower shop, try your local supermarket. They sell flowers near the front door
  4. Cheat idea – go to your local weekend fruit and veg markets to find flowers at half price or below. They usually have a flower stall selling flower bouquets at wholesale prices.
Flower nameSymbolic meaning
red-rose-meaning-the-gift-gurured rosetime-honoured way to say “I love you”
white-rose-meaning-the-gift-guruwhite rosegesture of remembrance or reverence, a way to say, “I’m thinking of you.”
 orange-rose-the-gift-guruorange roseenthusiasm, passion, gratitude
yellow-rose-meaning-the-gift-guruyellow rosetraditional symbol of friendship
pink-rose-meaning-the-gift-gurupink roseoften given as a token of admiration and appreciation
white-carnation-meaning-the-gift-guruWhite carnationwoman's good luck gift
pink-carnation-meaning-the-gift-gurupink carnationI'll never forget you
red-carnation-meaning-the-gift-guruRed carnationMy heart aches for you
lily-meaning-the-gift-guruLilyYou are beautiful; it is also the flower for mothers
tulip-meaning-the-gift-guruTulipGeneral – perfect lover
Red – declaration of love
Yellow – Sunny smile
iris-meaning-the-gift-guruIrisYour friendship means so much to me
daisy-meaning-the-gift-guruDaisy Loyal Love – I'll never tell your secrets

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