By now you have well and truly settled into married life. Perhaps your twosome has now become a family and things are a lot busier. This is a time, when small, thoughtful gifts work well.  It's good for her to get away for a few hours where she can relax and recharge herself.


  • Lingerie can be given but be sure it is something that works well on her body shape
  • The best bet at this phase is just to ask her if there is anything she wants . . . she will definitely have no problems with flat out telling you what she wants . . . then write it down!


  • Pampering package at local spa
  • Overseas trip – with or without the children
  • Do at least two of the things that you have been promising to do around the house.
  • Tickets to a big theatre production
  • Organise childcare and go to local hotel for a romantic evening
  • Flowers
  • Larger appliances – mixer, blending system, food processor, slow cooker etc (nothing related to cleaning)
  • iPad, tablet or Kindle
  • Spa pamper package
  • Jewellery – think small – earrings or small bracelet
  • Weekend away with her girlfriends
  • Camera or video camera
  • Movie tickets