You've split but you're still on good terms. Maybe you've even got the co-parenting running smoothly. If you need to give a gift, the following advice and ideas will help to keep things running smoothly.


  • Nothing too personal
  • Nothing that would remind her of your time together. This is a gift for her, not a “get back together” gift.
  • No homeware gifts as she doesn't need something sitting in her home that may remind her of why you broke up in the first place


  • Books – only if it's her favourite author or a book on the bestseller list. Stay away from any psychology or self-help books. This has the potential to open up old issues.
  • Gift voucher to her favourite restaurant. Don't even hint at an invite though! It's her gift and she can spend the dinner with whoever she wants. Trust me, she'll appreciate the respect that shows her.