A niece gift is a lot like a sister gift so please see some ideas on the Sister page. If she is a child, please see the section on gifts for children.


  • It will depend on the age of your niece and how close you are. The less close, the more you'll need to rely on other relatives to help you find something
  • Do a quick check with her parents to see if there is something she has her eye on
  • Avoid clothing . . . unless you go shopping with her and she specifically picks it out


  • Money – put about $30-50 in a card and give it to her. She will LOVE it
  • Gift card for music store
  • Gift card for a department store
  • If she has started to drive, give her safety stuff for her car. While guys like to kit out the outside of their cars, girls like to “personalise” their cars.
  • If she is living on her own, items for her kitchen go down well. Example would be a set of proper cutting knives or a set of glasses.

Depending on her age, see our more detailed pages:

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