Gift cards can be a good gift for that “hard to buy for person” we all know.  It is also an excellent gift for teenagers as they learn a little budgeting on the side! A gift card allows her to pick what she wants and ensures that she gets something they will like. However, it shouldn't be used as a cop out gift every time. Try to use the gift card option sparingly, unless they actually flat out request it! Sometimes it really is the fact that you spent some time thinking about what to get her that will matter most.


  • Know what her favourite store is. Write it down!
  • See if they have a gift card option. We have links below but if it's not there, you may need to phone the store, or visit their website or go directly to the store to enquire about their gift cards
  • Don't make this the go-to option too often… sometimes you actually have to do the hard yards to find a gift that shows you thought about it.
  • Cheat idea – Some credit card rewards programs let you redeem points for gifts cards. Check your own rewards program as it may be a good way to get some gift cards ready for the next occasion.


  • Check out Woolworths or AusPost. They both have big selections of gift cards from the big name stores as well as as options to eftpos cards with an amount of money. These cards will have a PIN and can be used at any store like a normal bank card
  • We are currently liking this Gift Card Store which lets you choose the picture you want on the card (for various occasions) and the amount to load.
  • If you know her favourite store, either visit the shop or their website to see if you can order a gift card directly from them. They often will wrap the gift card in a lovely envelope so no wrapping necessary.