Did you have a good relationship with your sister growing up or did you almost kill each other on a number of occasions? Either way, there are times when you have to give her a gift and perhaps you can mend some fences at the same time.


  • Stay away from clothes or anything of a personal nature that she has to wear. Even if you think you've nailed it, trust me, you won't have.
  • If you really want to hit it out of the park, find a gift that is connected to something important to her.


  • Donation to RSPCA – or donation to her favourite charity
  • Something for her car or bike
  • Handbag or bag – you need to know her style
  • Books by her favourite author or on the best seller list – this will require you know what she likes to read
  • Flowers – get the right kind for a sister
  • Wine decanter
  • Small gadgets for her kitchen
  • If she is a foodie, see our Gifts for a Female Foodie article
  • If she is a greenie, see our Gifts for the Eco Warrior article

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