You're now starting to get to know each other a little better. Perhaps it's becoming a bit more comfortable and you might even be keeping a toothbrush at her house. If a gift giving event comes during this time, it's a  chance to let her know you think she's kinda special.


  • You can start to get more personal with your gifts but still keep it light
  • Start to do some recon. Find out her size, what she likes and doesn't like, what her interests are etc


  • Lingerie is popular for this stage of the relationship. But this is not the time to experiment with new things. Try and keep it simple and the style she likes.
  • Jewellery can be given but avoid the precious metals and diamonds. See Swarovski for great gift ideas
  • Take her on an all expenses paid weekend away
  • Perfume – it will be good to know what she currently wears and likes
  • Special print from a favourite or local artist
  • Spa treatment package

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