Valentine's day seems to be an event disliked by men. And we can understand why! Why is there a day when we have to show our love for another via commercial gifts?  Sounds a bit silly. Especially as we've just finished up with the Christmas season. What the?  Yes, even we agree . . . however, it also provides a quick and easy opportunity to show how awesome you are.  Rack up some points and use them later. And there are things you can do that don't involve spending cash or having to shop.

Advice for Valentine's Day:

  • The less time you've been together the MORE effort you have to make. If you are on your first Valentine's day together, find something that shows her you know what she likes. If you don't know what she likes, stick with flowers . . . but try to find out for next time!
  • The longer you've been together, (if you are on your 10th Valentine's day together) focus on the small things that simply say you treasure and appreciate her. Take her for dinner at her favorite resturant, make her breakfast in the morning, bring home her favorite wine, etc.
  • Women love feeling two things . . . beautiful AND appreciated. Focus on those two main ideas if you write anything in a card or message. Can't think of what to write, Google “romantic things to write in cards” and you'll find a lot of quick words, quotes, and poems you can use.
  • Do NOT text anything on Valentine's day. CALL or write it in a card. Only after this has been done, should you follow-up with a text message.

Ideas for Valentine's Day:

Small and simple

  • Flowers – order at least five days before. To save on cost, avoid the Valentine's Day flowers that flower stores advertise and go with bouquets they have on special. Markups for holidays are silly. They are all flowers in the end, whichever way are arranged. Another note . . . avoid the heart balloons and teddy bear add-ons . . . they take the class out of the flowers.
  • Take her out for dinner – make the booking at least ten days before. Feburary 1st is a good time to do this.
  • Go for something slightly quirky . . . like Edible Blooms (flowers she can eat)
  • A simple piece of lingerie. See our Lingerie Explained article for ideas


  • Make her dinner
  • Take her on a picnic. To make it easy, stick with finger foods only. Be sure to bring a blanket, plates, glasses, napkins (not paper towel) and a small garbage bag for cleanup. Check out our  romantic picnic ideas.
  • Do all the chores around the house . . . top to bottom. Cleaning one glass or picking up your own socks does not count. We are talking floors, dusting and yes, bathrooms!
  • Do the thing you have been promising her you'll do. Yes, really . . . do it.
  • Take her to a nice lookout point in your area and tell her you love her . . . and be sincere!
  • Give her a massage. Be sure to create a nice atmosphere . . . think candles and soft music. And no attempting to make it lead to sex as that will take the focus off her. However, if you do it right and get her relaxed, we can almost guarantee you'll score some afterwards.
  • Write her a love letter. Don't know what to write? Google “love letters” and steal some ideas and phrases


  • Take her on some sort of activity. It must be an activity where you can talk and interact . . . so movies are out.
    • Hot air balloon ride
    • Beach walk with wine
    • Theme park trip
    • Aquarium/zoo/animal park
    • an exciting and adrenaline fueled activity
  • A basket full of body soaps and lotions. Make sure you know what scents she likes. Sweet and fruity or earthy and musky. Not sure? Check on what she currently uses.
  • A small charm bracelet. Know her style (chunky or delicate) and whether she likes silver or gold