Gift for ex-wife


You've split but you're still on good terms. Maybe you've even got the co-parenting running smoothly. If you need to give a gift, the following advice and ideas will help to keep things running smoothly. Advice [...]

Gift for ex-wife2020-06-13T21:33:31+10:00

Gift for pregnant wife


Want to give your pregnant wife something nice for all the effort she is putting in to make you a child? She may have been a tad moody with all those hormones working hard to [...]

Gift for pregnant wife2015-12-19T10:54:42+10:00

Gift for Teenage Girl


A teenage girl can either be very easy or very hard to buy for. She will either tell you exactly what she wants or she won't tell you anything. She may also tell you what she [...]

Gift for Teenage Girl2017-09-30T18:49:01+10:00

Gift for Pre Teen Girl


Pre-teen time! This is a big time for change in girls' lives and they can be particularly hard to understand. It will depend on which way she is tending. She may still be very much [...]

Gift for Pre Teen Girl2020-09-03T16:21:02+10:00

Gift for Work colleague


There are some instances where you may have to buy a gift for a work colleague. If someone in the workplace organises a group gift then you're off the hook.  But, if that's not the case [...]

Gift for Work colleague2015-12-21T14:48:23+10:00

Gift for Good friend


A boy/girl friendship is special and it's important to make sure that you protect that friendship. It's very easy to get her a gift which you think is nice but which she thinks is weird. [...]

Gift for Good friend2017-09-30T18:49:01+10:00

Gift for Daughter


Even though it might seem like a quick fix to give her money, this is a time when it's better not to. She needs to know that you actually know something about her and have been paying [...]

Gift for Daughter2017-11-29T18:06:39+10:00

Gift for Niece


A niece gift is a lot like a sister gift so please see some ideas on the Sister page. If she is a child, please see the section on gifts for children. Advice It will [...]

Gift for Niece2017-09-30T18:49:02+10:00

Gift for Cousin


A cousin is more like a friend who happens to share some of your family connections. So have a look under Gift for Good Friend article to get some ideas. Alternatively, the following are some safe bets [...]

Gift for Cousin2015-12-19T13:28:21+10:00
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