It's still new relationship territory. And it just so happens to be her birthday, Valentine's day or worse, Christmas.  How do you pick the right thing that doesn't accidentally say the wrong thing? Since it's still new, there are a lot of small gifts which will let her know you like her.


  • Stay away from jewellery! It's too soon and you'll raise the bar too high
  •  You can't go for something big at this time or you'll have nowhere to go with future presents . . . it's all about planning!


  • Flowers
  • Chocolates
  • Dinner at her favourite restaurant
  • Tickets to upcoming festival or event (must be within the next month)
  • Paper products are big right now. Try journals, or some sort of origami kit you can do together
  • If she is a foodie, see our Gifts for a Female Foodie article
  • If she is a greenie, see our Gifts for the Eco Warrior article