Gift for pregnant wife

Gift for pregnant wife

Want to give your pregnant wife something nice for all the effort she is putting in to make you a child? She may have been a tad moody with all those hormones working hard to host a growing baby.  Go easy on her the next time she snaps at you or starts crying for no reason and bring her home a little gift to show your support.


  • Do not give clothing of any kind. She does not need to be reminded that her body has been hijacked and she feels like a small whale.
  • Do not give jewellery. Save that for the Push Present.
  • Try to find something that would pamper her.


  • Bring home a couple of her favourite magazines
  • Flowers – something on the romantic side to show her you still think she's beautiful
  • Clean the whole house without being asked . . . and do it to her standard of clean. Do it while she is out of the house.
  • Get her a voucher for a pregnancy massage
  • Take her to get a pedicure . . . earn bonus points by taking her to coffee afterwards
  • If you have other children, take them out for the entire day and give her at least six to eight hours of uninterrupted alone time.

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