What to bring on a romantic picnic:

  • Fruits – grapes, berries or cherries. No melons of any kind as they are sticky and messy. Apples, oranges and the like all need to be cut up in bite size pieces. Personally, I would skip all that work.
  • Wine – preferably white as you don't want to deal with red wine spills
  • Soda water or similar – something non-alcoholic
  • Cheeses – one hard type, one soft type. Be sure to bring a knife for slicing
  • Crackers – rice or wafer crackers are excellent choices for romantic picnics
  • Pre-made tiny sandwiches – make them small and easy to eat
    • Cheat idea – get a large roll from the shop and cut it width wise into small pieces (about 7-10 cm wide)
  • Something sweet (optional) – nothing that melts. Try candies/lollies or simple baked goods
  • Bug spray – mossies can ruin all your good work

Bring all of the above in a picnic basket. No picnic basket?  Then a nice cooler bag will do . . . preferably one without a beer or rum logo on it!

Cheat idea – there are shops which provide fresh pre-packed picnic baskets. Google “picnic hampers + your location”.  If you Google picnic baskets, then you just end up finding a bunch of empty wicker baskets which really isn't a cheat option.

romantic picnicWhere to go on a romantic picnic:

  • Local park – find one with trees for shade or else one overlooking some sort of view
  • Near a river, lake or ocean, but not on the beach . . . fine sand will get into the food and make everything crunchy
  • At the top of a hill. Just make sure it's not too windy up there
  • On a wharf. Check the seagull situation before you sit down. If there are quite a few hanging around, change locations. They will just swarm around and steal your picnic. Not romantic.
  • Her favorite spot. You'll need to do some investigating to find out where that might be.

What to do on a romantic picnic:

  • Carry most of the stuff. Well, as much as you can manage without breaking something
  • Set out the blanket and get her comfortable on it
  • Pour the drinks first and take five minutes to tell her how much you appreciate coming on a picnic with her.
  • Set up the fruits, cheeses and sandwiches. Provide her with a napkin.
  • Conversation – make it fun and light. Even if you've been married for years, these conversations are always fun. Try to avoid conversations about work, kids, money, politics etc.
    • If you/we won the lottery, what would you do?
    • If you didn't have to work, what would you do?
    • What would be your dream holiday?