Even though it might seem like a quick fix to give her money, this is a time when it's better not to.

She needs to know that you actually know something about her and have been paying attention.  Something special will mean a lot more to her than money.

Advice – Daughter gift:

  • Find out what she has had her eye on. Try asking in conversation.
  • Canvass her mother, sisters or friends. Try to be casual.
  • If nothing comes of that, ask her straight out if there is anything special she would like (or like to do). If she is not forthcoming with ideas or her wishes are way out of budget, then look at some of these ideas below.

Ideas – Daughter gift:

  • Tickets to an upcoming concert or event.  Checkout these Australian event sites:
  • Take her shopping for a pair of shoes or a new outfit. Part of this gift is spending time with her doing something that she likes. Try not to look bored or fidgety. It will ruin the day. You don't have to pretend you are all excited, but do take a bit of interest.  Add lunch or coffee in the day and you might be surprised that she might just open up to you. She may forget what you gave her on that day, but she won't forget the time you spent with her.
  • Movie tickets
  • Some sort of device – iPad, MP3 player, Kindle
  • Accessories for her devices – See The Cable Chick for ideas
  • Decorate her room – buy the paint and let her do as she wishes to personalise her space
  • Safety kit for her car – it's a very Dad gift and a perfect way to say you care

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