Have you screwed up big time recently and are looking to put things right?  First things first, no matter what you give, you'll need to combine it with the actual words “I'm sorry” and mean it! You'll probably need to say this a number of times before she accepts the apology. On average you might need to say “I'm sorry”  anywhere from 5 to 10 times. So don't give up . . . persist and be sincere.

A present will definitely improve the chances of her accepting your apology.  Here are some good “I'm Sorry” gifts which will help you get back in the good books.


  • Do NOT give lingerie or anything sexually related
  • Do not go overboard and get something extravagant. It will appear like you are trying to buy your way back in.
  • How mad she is will influence your choice of  delivery method. Very mad . . . have the gift delivered. Then follow it up with a face-to-face apology from you the same day. If she is only somewhat peeved, then you can personally give her the gift.  And at the same time, give a face-to-face apology.
  • The key. . . know why she is mad at you. You don't have to agree with the reason, or even understand the reason (you may think she's acting a bit like a lunatic).  Just apologise for what ever has upset her and move on.  This may even lead to make up sex later on, so stay focused.


  • Her favourite flowers (you're going to actually need to know what they are).
  • Simple jewellery – this is a bit hit and miss. Earrings or a simple necklace, no rings.  If you've done something really big, then don't go the jewellery route as every time she wears it, she'll be reminded of the really bad thing you did.  And it will likely be brought up over and over again. But, if it's small mishap, then jewellery will most likely help win her favour. Try Swarovski jewellery. It's beautiful, affordable and not over the top.
  • Tickets to a show she wanted to see
  • Edible Blooms – a bouquet of edible chocolate flowers. Best of both worlds!

Good luck! Jalen Reeves-Maybin Womens Jersey