Do you have to buy a gift for a female foodie?  They seem to love all things that involve cooking or baking and enjoy whipping up wonderful dishes. The best thing is they tend to like kitchen items and things that make their passion easier to achieve.


  • Don't buy a cookbook!  This is an easy way out and she probably has heaps of these that other people have given her.
  • Do not buy small cheap gadgets. They take up valuable cupboard space and often break after a few uses.
  • Find out what she likes to cook . . . Asian, Italian, Indian, French, slow cooking, etc or does she love to bake? Knowing this will make finding a gift easier.
  • Try to find out what kind of cookware she prefers . . . she will usually have a favourite brand.
  • Find out if she has anything on her wish list.


  • Find a gourmet deli and put together a little box or basket of speciality sauces, olive oils, marinades or spices.  Nothing that needs to be refrigerated.
  • Quirky oven mitts. Avoid the quirky aprons. No one likes to wear them.
  • iPad or tablet holder. Modern foodies read recipes off their devices so need to keep them upright and out of harm's way.
  • Take her to dinner at new restaurant. Ask her to help you pick something so you can both try something new.





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