We have some great gift ideas for her for Christmas 2020. Online shopping has exploded and so have the options!

Advice for Christmas 2020

  • Take note of the things she's interested in . . . what she wants to see, what food she wants to eat and the things that interest her.
  • Does she have any interests or hobbies? Cycling, yoga, games, theatre, crafts or art etc. Most hobbies and interests will have items that make great gifts. A new yoga mat? Something for her bike, tickets to a show, a new set of paints . . .
  • What is her style? Is her style quirky? Does she likes op shops? Does she wear a lot of loose-fitting or form-fitting clothes? Is her style casual or sophisticated? Take this into consideration if looking for a present based on her style. Can't go wrong with an item from her favourite clothing store. But keep the receipt in case it doesn't fit. You can ask for a special “gift receipt” that doesn't include the price.
  • Think about her personality. Is she into a particular brand, blog, or hobby?
  • Probe a little to see if she is missing something she wants. A new backpack for hiking? A new knife set if she loves cooking? Note . . . a new appliance or gadget should never be related to cleaning! No irons, vacuums, dishwashers etc. Ever!
  • If you're still stuck for ideas, ask her friends or family for their suggestions. They may know some secrets!

Gift Ideas for Her – Christmas 200

  • Techo – Tablets or digital readers (like a Kindle), new phone, headphones. We are currently loving Cable Chicks for price and delivery speed of iPhone/iPad accessories, headphones, media players and power banks.
  • Nightgown or lingerie (be careful with this one)
  • Perfume – must know her favourite or preferred scent type. Flowery or musk? See our explanation of perfume types
  • Gift card to her favourite store. This is an excellent teenager gift.
  • Donation in her name to her favourite charity. You can find buy it directly from Karma Currency that conveniently pulls all the charities together
  • Spa treatment. Almost all spas offer gift certificates, both online and in the store.
  • Best Seller book – Check out the amazing list of Christmas gift ideas that Booktopia and BookDepository have put together this year
  • Activity gift – the gift of an experience
  • Photo session – couples, family, glam, mum & baby
  • Crystal jewellery
  • Movie or TV show box set – this only works for the people who are not yet into downloading their media
  • Subscription to her favourite magazine
  • A watch – this will depend on her style. If you know her style then it should be fairly straightforward to find one she would like. It doesn't need to be expensive. It's the one accessory that is kinda like jewellery, but not. Perfect gift if you don't want to give jewellery. And it will show her that you are paying attention and know her style.
  • Adult colouring book – for the creative types. Can be found in any newsagency or card store
  • Clothing – this requires you know her size and style
  • Bracelet – something funky or elegant. Bracelets are a good first jewellery gift.
  • Journal or organiser – try the paper speciality stores to find the pretty ones . . . not the local stationery store!
  • Find one of those speciality homeware stores in your area. Something like Wheel & Barrow. They are usually found in trendy shopping areas. They will have many small gift ideas which make perfect Christmas presents!