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Romantic Picnic Ideas


What to bring on a romantic picnic: Fruits - grapes, berries or cherries. No melons of any kind as they are sticky and messy. Apples, oranges and the like all need to be cut up [...]

Romantic Picnic Ideas2020-06-06T14:53:23+10:00

Gift cards


Gift cards can be a good gift for that "hard to buy for person" we all know.  It is also an excellent gift for teenagers as they learn a little budgeting on the side! A [...]

Gift cards2020-06-14T21:40:24+10:00

The Gift of Chocolate


The gift of chocolate will go down well with almost every woman. It's kind of a universal thing. Not only is eating chocolate a sensually pleasurable experience, it might even help women stabilise their body hormones! [...]

The Gift of Chocolate2017-09-30T18:49:01+10:00

Gift for pregnant wife


Want to give your pregnant wife something nice for all the effort she is putting in to make you a child? She may have been a tad moody with all those hormones working hard to [...]

Gift for pregnant wife2015-12-19T10:54:42+10:00

The I’m Sorry gift


Have you screwed up big time recently and are looking to put things right?  First things first, no matter what you give, you'll need to combine it with the actual words "I'm sorry" and mean it! You'll probably [...]

The I’m Sorry gift2017-09-30T18:49:01+10:00

Gift for Wife 10+ years


Congratulations, you've passed the first decade milestone!  If you're at the 10 year anniversary you may want to think about planning a small trip together. It can be just a weekend or a couple weeks [...]

Gift for Wife 10+ years2017-11-20T15:34:13+10:00
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