Want to buy her some lingerie or some other clothing but not sure what size she is?  Get it too small and she won't be able to wear it. Get it too big and she may read into that more than you were expecting . . . “Do you really think I'm that big?”  Either way, you've got to get it right.  And here's how . . .


  1. Try to find out the big three numbers – dress size, bra size and panty size.  Note – she may not be happy to just give out this sort of information, so you might have to do some reconnaissance:
  2. Ask her what size she is. If she tells you, write it down!
  3. If she does not want to tell you, there may be a reason, and perhaps clothing or lingerie is not the right gift for her.
  4. If you want it to be a surprise, do the following:
    1. Discreetly look at the tags sewn in her dresses. They will have a number written on the tag, like 8, 10, 12, up to 26.  They may also be just small, medium and large
    2. Discreetly check her underwear drawer and find out the size of her bra and panties. Then write it down!
  5. Take these three sizes with you on your quest to find the lingerie gift. If you tell them these numbers in any women's store, they will be able to help you straight away.  If you don't want to head into a store, below are some links to quality online stores based in Australia.

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