You no longer need to go to retail stores and pay premium prices for diamonds. They can be found at wholesalers, auctions, and online stores.  Below are some of the places to find diamonds at a better price. If you buy second-hand you can always take the stones out and put them in a setting that is more her style. See local jewellers in your area who can help you with designs.


  • Cash Converters (steer clear of Ebay unless you really know your diamonds)
  • GreysOnline
  • Location Estate auctions – you can find these in your local paper or listed online.


  • GreysOnline – this is an auction site, so remember when bidding that a 17% buyers fee will be added on
  • Blue Nile – a very popular online store with good reviews and competitive prices. Plus you can customise the designs directly online to your liking and budget.
  • Diamonds Exchange – An Australian loose diamond and engagement and wedding ring retailer.  They are big on educating the customer about diamonds which is always a good thing to see.

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