Technically there are three times during the year when you'll need to purchase a gift for your mother.  So it's good to have a few ideas up your sleeve.

Mother's day

  • Flowers are always a favourite. Find her favourite but try and mix it up a bit so it's not the same year after year.
  • Pendant for a necklace which includes the birthstones of all her children (also available as a ring)
  • Her favourite wine or drink
  • Pamper package at a local spa
  • Take her out to brunch or dinner. This a notoriously busy day for restaurants so you'll need to book AT LEAST  two to three weeks prior.

Her birthday

  • Gift card to her favourite clothing store
  • Bestseller adult fiction books
  • Collections – does she collect anything? If so, you could consider getting her something to add to her collection
  • Flowers
  • Take her out for lunch or dinner
  • Take her to the movies or an event


  • If possible try and give a gift which is for both parents. This will kill two birds with one stone.
  • Bestseller adult fiction books
  • Plane ticket or trip somewhere. If you want to splurge on a bigger ticket item, consider sending her on a trip she has wanted. Or perhaps just plane tickets to visit a relative or friends.
  • Organise a family portrait photo shoot. The last family picture may have been taken when you were much younger. She would love to have an updated photo to display on the wall or show to friends.