There are many inexpensive and quick ways to wrap a gift.


  • Use the inexpensive gift bags that you can find at any dollar store. Make sure the gift fits fully inside the bag so it can be taped shut at the top. Add a bow for that extra touch.
  • Ask at the store where you purchased the gift if they provide gift wrapping. Many actually do!
  • Stock up on wrapping paper so you always have some on hand.  You can buy your wrapping paper and bows at the one shop.  Choose a colour and style that will work for any occasion.  Example: metallic silver, or light pink. Avoid anything with a pattern if your gift wrapping skills are lacking. And skip the ribbons as they are more pain than they are worth!
  • Go to YouTube and search “how to gift wrap” for step by step instructional videos on gift wrapping.
  • In a pinch, you can use butcher's paper to wrap a gift. Just be sure to draw a cute picture on the paper to add the personal touch.

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