Why do women love receiving greeting cards? What is the point of those bits of expensive paper anyway? Back in the day they used to be cheap . . . like a dollar a card. It was added to the gift to say who it was from, what the occasion was, and a little personal note to top it off . But now they are on average about $5 a card! Why do we still need them and why do women still love them?

Why woman love them:

  • They provide something tangible written by you just for her
  • They provide a chance to get a special written message from you
  • Women like the messages inside


  • Do not send a text message if she is someone special. Call her!
  • Try to find out if she prefers the mushy cards or the funny cards. That will then point you in the right direction. Some woman like quirky or black humor cards. It shows you get her sense of humor.
  • Cheat idea – Don't know what to write in the card? Try Googling “what to write in card“.  There are lots of sites which will provide you ideas for wording


  • Online greeting cards can work as well. However, we've found that the sites with the free cards are a bit…meh! Might be good to invest in a yearly subscription to one you like and then send all your greeting cards this way. They usually let you save special dates in your account and then send you reminders when something is coming up… mum's birthday, anniversary etc.
  • Use a handwritten note instead . . . but it should be on nice paper, folded VERY neatly and in it's own envelope.  Go to the dollar store and invest in a simple notepad with matching envelopes. They will be near the ‘Thank you' notes section (ask if unsure). It shouldn't cost you more than $5 all up and you'll have enough paper and envelopes for at least 10 personal notes.
  • Cheat idea – Create one in Word or with similar software that you can print off at home or work. Easy and cheap!

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